Fibromyalgia and Pain

A Common-Sense Approach



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Hulda Clark, P.H.D., N.D., had some vital theories as to the cause of Fibromyalgia, some advice as to how to get rid of it, and how to prevent it in the future.

In Dr. Clark's book, The Cure For All Diseases, she states, "...I am referring to pain that is in one of your organs and refuses to go away...All of these may have special names like rheumatoid arthritis, cluster headache, fibromyalgia, bursitis, tennis elbow and so on, but they are all the same phenomenon..."

Hulda Clark goes on to identify the parasites that cause pain as bacteria. She says that the body tries to fight the invasion of the bacteria into the body's cells, and the body responds by producing swelling, heat and pressure against other organs, manifesting itself as inflammation and infection. She says the ultimate answer isn't medication, but to kill the bacteria, and to stop the source of the bacteria.

Although the body is very good at killing bacteria, Hulda theorizes that the ones that "get away" are ones that are stuck in cell doorways with pollutants in them. She says that perhaps that is why bacteria and pollutants are always seen together.

Hulda states that the most common bacteria identified with fibromyalgia is bacteria that are hosted by Trichinella, Ascaris larvae, hookworms, or strongyle larvae. The bacteria are mainly "Streps" (Streptococcus varieties) and "Staphs" (Staphylococcus varieties), but also "Clostridiums" (Clostridium varieties) and "Campyls" (Campylobactor varieties), which she says are probably the pain-causers.

She recommends that the bacteria be eradicated with specific herbs (she lists the main parasiticides as black walnut tincture (green hull), cloves, and wormwood (artemisia absinthium), and/or by electrocuting them with a device she and her son Geoff invented, called a zapper. (Readers please note Health Hut's disclaimer: "In the U.S., the zapper and the Syncrometer, or electronic devices that Dr. Clark may refer to are not medical devices, have not been approved for use on humans, and HealthHutZone/HealthHut cannot and does not advocate them for medicinal use.")

Hulda's next most important advice for fibromyalgia sufferers is to keep fingers out of mouths. She says, "Contrary to the popular belief that hookworms enter through the skin, they actually must be put into the mouth somehow." Also, if there is a baby in diapers in the house, Hulda recommends washing hands with her skin sanitizers (her recipe is in the book - she emphasizes that isopropyl alcohol sanitizers are toxic) and then using borax liquid (recipe in the book) for soap, in order to leave an antibacterial residue on the skin.

Hulda Clark also notes that a liver cleanse (the recipe's in her books) may rid the body of stones, which may help reduce some of the pain in the muscles. She gives common-sense advice for determining the source of the bacteria so as to eliminate it, and her various "Case Studies" are especially informative. Read more about Hulda Clark's amazing theories about fibromyalgia in her book, *The Cure For All Diseases.

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