WEIGHT PROBLEMS – both Overweight & Underweight

A Complementary Approach


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In her book, The Cure For All Diseases, Hulda Clark, Ph.D., N.D., says, about being overweight, "Put away the long mirror and scales. Don't ruin your whole life over it. Make a reasonable effort and then let it go. Enjoy your stay on this planet."

Concerning being underweight, she says, "Underweight can be just as difficult as overweight to correct. Salmonellas in the stomach wall are often seen. Giardia and other common parasites are seen in cases of underweight.

The common culprit between both overweight and underweight is tooth metal draining down continuously into the stomach. The stomach is invaded by bacteria and parasites when its immunity is low.

Overweight is a low-energy condition. Your food is being turned into fat instead of energy. The decision not to make energy is being made in the liver, mainly, but perhaps other organs as well. The overweight should try removing all gold: gold teeth, gold jewelry and gold rings. Replace them with non-metal varieties. After removing the gold, pull the remaining gold out of your tissues with thioctic acid (2 or 3 a day for several months). Use the Bowel Program (page 546, The Cure For All Diseases) to evict the last of the Shigellas. Be very careful to avoid non-sterile dairy products. Do the liver cleanse until you have gotten 3000 stones out."

She goes on to describe the various steps she recommends for obtaining permanent weight loss, and encourages the reader to "try several things, but not a starvation diet, since the cause is not eating too much." She ends the chapter with, "If all these measures don't work for you, at least you have improved your health trying."

Hulda Clark tells underweight people, "Don't cook or eat with metal. Stimulate your appetite with B-vitamins. If the liver is toxic with mold, it may say, "eat no more." She ends the chapter with, "If all this fails, give yourself credit for achieving health improvement, and shift your focus."

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